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Unique as the island of Santorini, the gastronomy of Santorini it is the reason that visitors who set foot on this fertile land find the experience hard to forget. The volcanic soil and unique climate is what gives to the products of Santorini their distinctive, almost explosive taste! Let’s try them out now one by one.
Cherry tomato. The first seeds came from Egypt at the beginning of the 18th century and gained in the soil of Santorini developed a distinctive flavor. Glowing red color, curly and thick skin and an explosive taste when you bite it! The Santorini cherry tomato grows without water except for the morning mist, and, much like the grapes was one of the main exported products of the island during the last two centuries. The cherry tomatoes of Santorini have gained a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) recognition.
Fava beans. This type of yellow legumes is probably the most historic product of Santorini as it has been cultivated on the island for the past 3.500 years! The Santorini fava bean belongs to the Lathyrus Clymenum variety and has a distinct and fuller taste than any other fava! You will taste it in every restaurant and taverna of the island whereas, if you follow the Greek Food & Wine Tasting Tour or the Cooking & Tasting Experience Tour of Santorini Wine Tour, you will even have the chance to learn how to cook it. The Santorinian Fava is a PDO product as well!
White Aubergine. The aubergines of Santorini are white, sweeter and absorb less oil when cooked! Do not miss out on the opportunity to try them!
Capers. Like in all Cycladic islands, capers hold a special place in every dish dishes! Added as a final touch in a salad and a main ingredient in numerous traditional dishes, the capers of Santorini have a more fruity and salty taste that will excite your palate!
Traditional Dishes. Besides the Santorini salad, made with Santorini cherry tomatoes, onions, capers and a traditional local cheese called chloro, you will also have to taste fava cooked with onions, caper or even octopus. Moreover, the tomato balls are among the famous, only-made-in-Santorini tastes that you have to discover.
Traditional Desserts. Two are the main desserts of Santorini; koufeto, a combination of local honey and almonds offered at weddings and the Melitinia, a thin pastry with local cheese, offered especially during Easter. You can find these delicious treats in almost every bakery and confectionary shop around the island.
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