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The Hidden Treats Tour & the Discover Santorini Tour are your best choices if you want to unveil the secrets of Santorini, or you just want to visit places with a particular interest where only the locals can take you! We won’t get into details here but we are all ready to give you some hints for the secrets of Santorini like:

  • The Lighthouse of Santorini was built by the French and is one of the oldest in Greece!
  • Santorini has a distillery where the unique coffee flavored ouzo is served!
  • All agricultural products of Santorini (besides the aubergine) grow without water!
  • Some villages of Santorini have been deserted after the 1956 earthquake, but still keep their evocative “ghostly” atmosphere!
  • In medieval era Santorini, five castle cities were built to protect the people of the island from pirate invasions!
  • The grapes in Santorini grow in “kouloures” meaning in a circular formation.
  • Vinsanto was the main exported product of Santorini during the 18th century, especially to Russia.
  • Santorini has now some really interesting red wines besides the famous and “strong” white wines made by Assyrtico, Aidani and Athiri varieties.
  • The fava of Santorini and the cherry tomatoes have a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) distinction!
  • Santorini’s Vinsanto wine was preferred and sought after as the wine for the Holy Communion in many countries across Europe.
  • The highest spot of the volcanic caldera is the village of Imerovigli, whereas magnificent 360 degrees views can also be enjoyed from the Monastery of Prophet Ilias at the village of Pyrgos.
Want to find out more about Santorini’s wine culture, gastronomy and history? Then arrange a private tour or embark in one of the Santorini Wine Tours!